Meet the team

Justin and Angela

Adventure Enthusiast and Team Mom

Justin and Angela first met in Madrid in 1999.  Despite growing up in the same local church, they never had a single conversation until attending the Discipleship Training School in Spain.  They were married in 2002 and have been on an adventure with God ever since.  They served as youth pastors for five years before answering the call do to full-time missions work in Spain in 2012. Both share a passion for missions, discipleship, and children’s ministries.  They have currently led outreaches in over 11 countries.

Justin has a degree in Spanish and a Master’s in Ministry.  He holds pastoral credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Justin enjoys unicycling, juggling, magic tricks, and hiking.  Angela has a degree in Education and is passionate about teaching.  Her hobbies include fitness, healthy cooking, and communicating.  They have two children, Micah and Melody.

Nathan and Breanne

The Newlyweds

This couple grew up in Washington state in the USA only 30 minutes away from each other.  Breanne went to a small local church where she became excited about missions from a young age but hadn’t had the opportunity to make that dream come true until she found a church that was even more passionate about missions than she was. This church is where Nate and his family were involved. In 2008 Nate found his own calling into missions with his first ever mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico, and in later years to Spain and Haiti. Breanne’s heart was set on India and Nate knew he was called to “go” so in 2012 they both went their separate ways to fulfill the “Great Commission” of the Bible. By 2015 they were both working in Spain and had found a great joy for going to places that didn’t know Jesus and sharing His love. As friends they worked in Asia, Europe, and Africa sharing Jesus in practical and spiritual ways. In August of 2019 they married and now want to take The Gospel into more places to make God known through sharing His word and meeting the practical needs of the people in these nations.



Carina is the oldest of 8 children.  Her parents are pastors, so was practically raised in the church.  She grew up helping with her younger siblings or helping out in the ministry.  Her passions include music and missions.  She one day hopes to start a program specifically for pastor’s kids.  Her vision is to raise up a generation that is on fire for God and with a fresh passion for ministry, not just out of obligation or to fulfill the wishes of their parents, but because it’s a fire God has uniquely placed in them. Carina has been a part of Youth With A Mission since 2018.  She has completed her DTS (Discipleship Training School) and her BCC (Biblical Core Course) and is now on to staffing at our new Costa Tropical base!


Future Youtuber

Micah loves music and his pets.  He enjoys Legos, YouTube, video gaming, and animals. He dreams being an inventor, chef, or youth pastor.  He feels called to do missions work in Germany someday. 



Creative Genius

Melody’s hobbies include art, reading books, board games, Legos, and spending time with her friends. She loves dressing up her dog and taking photos.  One day she wishes to become a teacher.  

Willy Wiggles and Piggy Paws

Team Mascots

Woof!  Woof!  Squeak Squeak.